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Beginners Guide & Basic Rules

When booking a rental kit from us the walk on price is included! 

Airsoft skirmishing, often referred to as ‘airsoft’, is a live combat simulation in which two or more teams are against each other in a game of fitness, skill, determination, tactics, psychology and wits. Players battle with each other with replica firearms which fire small, light plastic pellets at high speed.

The core of airsoft is honesty. When you are ‘dead’ you count as having been killed or incapacitated so that you may no longer participate in the battle until ‘re-spawned’ or ‘tagged in’.

You must shout “HIT!”, raise your arms and return to the respawn point, where more often than not you will be able to rejoin the game after a period of time, meaning new players needn’t worry about being killed early in the game and spending the day sat around like you often do in paintball. Sometimes you must stay ‘dead’ on the spot until healed by a ‘medic’. Other times you will have to wait for the next game to play again.







Renting Kit from us

The Minimum age to play airsoft with us is 10 years old! 

When Renting kit from us you will receive 1 Airsoft gun , 1 Magazine full of BB's and 1 Full face mask we do sell extra ammo on site which come in bags of 3000rds for around £15. 


We recommend that you wear suitable foot wear for our sites as they have a variety of terrain.

We are also able to supply rental kits for private party's and events at our airsoft sites just use the contact form to inquire.

When booking a rental kit from us the walk on price is included! 

Buying Airsoft Replicas and the VCRA

Chances are you are very keen to buy an airsoft replica (if you have not done so already).  In 2007 a bill was enacted called the violent crime reduction act, or VCRA. Before this act you could walk into a shop and buy an airsoft replica. Now things are a little more complicated but RIF’s (Realistic Imitation Firearms) are still available to almost everyone, if they get involved in airsoft.

A few sections of the VCRA focus on banning the sale and purchase (but not ownership) of RIFs, a category which includes realistically coloured airsoft replicas. After the airsoft community won the long battle against the government and because the abuse of replica firearms was nothing to do with replicas sold to airsoft skirmishers, the government allowed airsoft skirmishers and a few other groups a ‘specific defence’ against the act which allowed us to continue buying RIF’s. So if you are a skirmisher, you are allowed to buy airsoft replicas without restriction.

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